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02 Bp Office Photos By Jason Orear
48 Bp Office Photos By Jason Orear 1200
36 Bp Office Photos By Jason Orear
41 Bp Office Photos By Jason Orear
58 Bp Office Photos By Jason Orear
02_BP_OFFICE_Photos by Jason O'Rear
20_BP_OFFICE_Photos by Jason O'Rear
36_BP_OFFICE_Photos by Jason O'Rear
41_BP_OFFICE_Photos by Jason O'Rear
58_BP_OFFICE_Photos by Jason O'Rear
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We deliver innovative, thoughtful, design-led user experiences through our projects and collaborations.

Kylli is a full-service investment holding firm focusing on the development, operation and management of institutional quality real estate assets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We pride ourselves in building longstanding relationships with our occupiers and do so through our deep understanding of their requirements and our regional knowledge and expertise.


Our goal is to cultivate community, connection and smart, sustainable growth throughout the communities and assets we serve.

We operate a vertically integrated model, so we can focus on sustainability, excellence in design and quality across all of our projects; ensuring that we leave a lasting legacy within the communities we serve. Our vision is to create and manage projects that exceed the expectations and needs of the people that use them.